Installing RealPlayer (free version)

These instructions walk you through the installation of the free RealPlayer with minimal fuss/modifications to your computer. Since you will need to close your browser during installation, you may also click here to open these instructions in a separate image viewer.

1. Open and follow the "FREE RealPlayer" link.

2. Choose the "Basic Player".

3. Follow the link to download and run the installer. In the "Desktop Settings" panel, you'll most likely want to uncheck all options.

4. Select the option to "Select media types..." from a list.

5. Click [Deselect All] then check only the types beginning with "Real".

6. Most users will want to uncheck the option to "Include Desktop Weather..."

7. Select the "Basic Set Up" for the free player.

8. Click [Cancel] to bypass registration.

9. Click [Exit] on the pop-up.

Close RealPlayer with the [X] in the top right.


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