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Managing Medicines

These classes are intended to provide information, suggestions and practical solutions to the most common problems associated with medication use.

While these classes are not a replacement for seeing your personal doctor* and pharmacist who know you, your loved one and their health history, they will provide you with strategies that can improve communication between you and your healthcare providers and make you a better caregiver.

The Personal Medication Record

The Personal Medication Record (or PMR) helps you keep track of the medicines you or the person you're caring for are taking. Before using the PMR, you may view the two classes below which introduce it and explain how to use it.

View class 1: A Personal Medication Record: (What it is and why it's important)

View class 2: Instructions for the Personal Medication Record

Giving Medicines as Prescribed

View class: Giving the Medication as Prescribed

Additional material:

Medication Communication

Getting the most from your physician and pharmacist visits

View class: Medication questions you should have answered for every drug

View class: Getting the Pharmacy Services You Deserve

Additional material:

Medicines to Use with Caution

View class: Medication in Dementia/Alzheimer's: Avoiding Harm

Additional material:

View class: Drugs, Diseases and the Older Driver

Additional material:

Medication Information

View class: Clinical Trials: Trying New Treatments

Additional material:

View class: Complimentary and Alternative Medications (CAM)

Additional material:

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