Hoarding refers to collecting and putting things away in a guarded manner. Compulsive hoarding is considered a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and in some instances, it is related to memory problems. Dealing with the hoarding behavior of a loved one can be frustrating. Hoarding safe neutral items can be OK as long as the objects and the home are safe. However, hoarding piles of things may be unsafe as it could result in tripping over the piles which could result in a falls and fractures. In addition, hoarding medicines may be dangerous because people may (on a whim) take medicines inappropriately which may result in serious dosing accidents.

Keep in mind that hoarding behavior may occur due to…

Tips for dealing with hoarding behaviors…


Material adapted from personal communication with Dr. Leilani Doty, Ph.D., University of Florida Memory Disorder Clinic (2007)

Material adapted from Age Matters, “Alzheimer’s Disease at Age-Matters, http://www.age-matters.org/alzheimers_disease.htm#hoarding (2007)


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