Hurricane Crisis & Alzheimer's Disease

What to do Before, During and After

Things to consider pre-hurricane


Whether you have decided to stay at home, stay with local friends or relatives, relocate outside the area, or go to a shelter, expect that the event of a hurricane in and of itself will exacerbate stress levels (both yours and your loved one). The response to all this added stress will increase the potential for agitation of your loved one. Increased agitation increases the demands for a safe environment wherever you are. There is value in recognizing that dehydration can have the effect of increasing irritability and exacerbate any potential agitation. A water supply is critical to your and your loved one's well being!


You have been through a challenging experience, and it is wise to expect that your life pre-hurricane will not return to normal immediately. Think about THE MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITIES:

  1. Water for hydration to avoid any serious medical complications
  2. Ice for cooling (try under the armpits)
  3. Food supply for nutrition this is the time not to worry about having the perfect meal (a can of bean will offer both protein and carbohydrates; purchase nutrition bars which are caloric dense and don't require cooling
  4. Medications for maintenance of health conditions
  5. Staying calm in a difficult situation
  6. Attempt to connect with others if you are alone

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College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida