Bathing: Equipment, Techniques and Tips

This Fact Sheet accompanies the Bathing class in the Techniques for Everyday Tasks classroom.

Problems with bathing may be caused by:

Products that make the bathroom a safer and more accessible environment:

Physical aspects of bathing

Environmental aspects of bathing/grooming

Tips to increase or maintain cooperation with bathing/showering

Hygiene and bath wipes and No Rinse Shampoo:

Local pharmacy: if not in stock they will special order them at no extra cost. go to the blank spot for the search and type in "no rinse shampoo" or "bathing", scroll to bottom for comfort washcloths and Shield perineal care wipes

Websites for Assistive Devices for Bathing for special hardware for installation of grab bars, etc go to "personal care" look under "health care" and "household" go to "browse our catalog go to product catalog look under directory go to functional solutions online catalog look under "Home Medical" then "Bathroom Safety" look under "Shop" then "Kitchen and Bath" then "Bath Safety" look under "Catalogues" find "Health and Wellness" then "Bathroom Safety" go to Bathroom Assist and look under the various categories go to Bath Safety go to Bathroom Safety go to Home Care then to Bathroom Safety and look under the various categories go to Bathroom Safety and look under various categories

Local Stores for Assistive Devices for Bathing

Home Depot and Lowe's

Eckerd's and Walgreen's

Products available may vary from store to store. Lowe's generally has store approved licensed and bonded contractors who can install the grab bars for you.


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College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida