Eating: Tips, Equipment and Techniques

This Fact Sheet accompanies the Eating class in the Techniques for Everyday Tasks classroom.

Problems with eating may be caused by:

Physical aspects of eating

Environmental aspects of eating:

Tips to increase or maintain good eating habits:

Web Sites for Assistive Devices
(for adaptive utensils and dishes look under “Easy Dining”) (for Dycem placemats look under “Baking” then “Dycem mats”)
(for insulated dishware and adaptive utensils and dishes look under “kitchen and dining self helpers” )
(for “Thick-it” look under “Foods/Beverages” then “Food and beverages thickeners”)
(for “Thicken-Up” look under “Medical Nutrition” then “swallowing problems” then “view swallowing problems”)


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College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida