Incontinence: Tips, Equipment and Techniques

This Fact Sheet accompanies the Incontinence class in the Techniques for Everyday Tasks classroom.

Problems with incontinence may be caused by

Medical reasons for incontinence

Physical aspects of incontinence

Tips to prevent or decrease incontinence

Take the pressure of incontinence by

Websites for Incontinence Products
(go to Incontinence and look under the various categories)
(go to Personal Care)
(go to Incontinence and look under various categories)
(go to Product catalog and then Incontinence and/or Skin Care and look under the various categories)
(go to Feel Better and then Incontinence Items)
(look under Incontinent Products)
(look under Home Medical and then Incontinence)
(look under “Catalogs” find Health and Wellness and then Incontinence)

Local Stores for Incontinence products


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College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida