Nutrition: Tips, Equipment and Techniques

This Fact Sheet accompanies the Nutrition class in the Techniques for Everyday Tasks classroom.

Reasons for malnutrition:

Signs of swallowing problems:

Tips to increase or maintain adequate nutritional intake:

What to avoid

Websites for Food Thickeners and Adaptive Eating Aids
(for food thickener, and adaptive utensils and dishes, look under “kitchen and dining self helpers”)
(for “Thick-it” look under “Foods/Beverages” then “Food and beverages thickeners”)
(for “Thicken-Up” look under “Medical Nutrition” then “swallowing problems” then “view swallowing problems”)
(for adaptive utensils and dishes look under “Easy Dining”) (for Dycem placemats look under “Baking” then “Dycem mats”)


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College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida