Making the Transition to a New Environment

Changes in the environment may cause or increase confusion, disorientation, fear, etc, and thus affect the person with dementia’s behavior. The purpose of this tip sheet is to provide ideas to caregivers that may make a transition to a new environment easier.

New environments can be moving to a long-term care facility, being in day care facilities, visiting family, friends or neighbors; or even changing or moving things around the house.

If the person with dementia is having anxiety with their new surrounding, perhaps you can have a written note that can be read saying “I’ve gone to the store and will be back at 4:00”, or perhaps you can record a message that says something similar that can give reassurance.

This material was adapted with the help of the AlzOnline “Tips for the Holiday” tip-sheet and input from Share the Care, Inc. of Orlando, FL.


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College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida